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Chase Sapphire reserve is a no-brainer

In this post you will learn:

  • How do credit cards make money
  • How to make about 2000$ in free flights
  • How to make 150$ refunds in the next year

(Photo is a picture of complimentary food/alcohol with priority pass access. Another nice perk of this credit card)

33.33% ROI (or a 150$ gain out of 450$)

I've been trying to convince all my friends to get this credit card. Honestly, I also beg you do it, as long as you think you can :

  • spend more about 600$ in travel expenses in the next year. Travel expenses include any expense for the following. It can be in your hometown, for example everytime use a meter in my town, I get reimbursed. Also, the reimbursement is automatic right after you charge the credit card (so no cash flow issues).
    • Hotels and Airbnb.
    • Taxi, Uber,Lyft
    • airline tickets.
    • rental car fees.
    • Parking fees
    • it does not include Gas.
  • Pay your credit card on time
  • Have decent a credit score.

If you do, then you make 150$ guaranteed (a 33.333% return).

How to play the game:

Credit cards companies are beefing up the rewards and benefits to get the big spenders. Remember that credit card companies (including banks that emits them) make about 2.5-3.5% in fees for every transactions. As a business owner, I know this too well. But as a consumer, you are king only if you're kind of person to be careful to pay everything in time.

Why a no-brainer?

Why is the Chase Sapphire Reserver a no-brainer?

  • You make 150$ guaranteed (or 33.33%) the 1st year.

    • The reason is because the card gives 300$ cash back for travel expense every calendar year. But the yearly fee is calculated on 1 year based on date you open the card. For example, if you open the card in September 2016, you get:
    • 300$ reimbursed for every expenses between September 1st to December 31st.
    • 300$ for the expenses between Jan 1st 2017 and August 31st.
    • If you close the card on August 31st, then you only pay 450$ but got 600$ worth of reimbursements.
  • You get 100000 travel points that can be transferable to any airlines. This includes United, Delta, KLM, etc... Pretty much all the major airlines. This alone is worth 2000$+.

  • You get a "Priority Pass" card that allows you get into airport lounge for free. This comes handy, especially I'm traveling as I'm writing this post and having access to lounge is a big perk.

  • You get 3x points when you spend at restaurants.

There are more perks, but those alone are worthy enough to get this card. Again, I believe this is a no-brainer.

how not win the game

Credit card companies make a lot of money with late fees, so don't be that person. Here's a few tips.

  • Create a calendar reminder to pay in full every months.
  • Think twice before spending anything. Ask yourself, will this purchase bring value to my life.