Use flattening CNAME with GoDaddy

In this post you will learn :

  • How to configure GoDaddy with CNAME flattening
  • How to link GoDaddy account with Openshift.
  • How to configure Cloudfare with Godaddy and Openshift.
  • How to redirect your domain on Godaddy to OPenshift without doing forwarding.

Here's another post showing more technical details about how I setup be free and wealthy (a bit different than our usual posts).
I made a huge mistake using GoDaddy. One annoying they don't support is they don't support CNAME flattening. Therefore, I need to use another DNS.

I can't use URL forwarding with GoDaddy because it affects my Ghost blog by making it unresponsive. I found this issue only by using my Iphone (on Safari). If I use it with Chrome (on my laptop), then it is fine.

So a possible solution is to use Cloudfare to support CNAME flattening. In this post we will go into that.

Also, I use Openshift for their free service. But Openshift does not support static IP. So it is not possible to adjust the A record on GoDaddy.

Here is the configuration worked for me (as of Dec 2016)

Step 1:
  • Signup with Cloudfare

Step 2:

Select the section "DNS" in the top bar.

Configure naked domain:
Configure www

Step 3:

Login into GoDaddy.

Remove all CNAME, A record entries.

Change GoDaddy DNS server to point to Cloudfare DNS. You can find this in the cloudfare DNS section.

Step 4:

Configure Openshift to set the 2 aliases:

If you have trouble getting the domain resolved, you can try to configure

You will need to wait a little bit, probably overnight for the changes to propagate properly.

Let me know if this helps you. I love to hear from you.