About me

Hi! Welcome to the financial freedom blog. My name is Jan. I'm a single father of 2 amazing boys. I'm currently working until I can achieve my asset target to start my fully financial independent journey.

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I started this blog as my first step toward financial freedom. My goal is to maximize happiness and to share you how to achieve it. First I'm trying to decouple the need to work for the want to work. So to optimize happiness, my first goal is to generate enough passive income to only work if I'm really passionate about something.

I live in San Francisco, one of the most beautiful city, but also one of the most expensive. If I can achieve financial freedom here, you certainly can as well.

For years, I was mislead that happiness came with material, status, etc... In fact, that couldn't be farther from the truth. The fact is most of us only need to work a few years to save enough money. It could be 7 years in some cases.

Follow my journey. And I wish you also maximum happiness with financial independence.