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Secret for success to be free and wealthy

In this post we will review one of the key essence of this blog: How do I become free and wealthy? How to escape the rat race?
Turns out, there is a simple solution: build skills that the inputs are decoupled to the outputs.

Wait, what is that? Let's start with the negative example.

What is common to those profession?

  • A uber driver
  • A practicing doctor
  • A factory worker

Both of them are being paid for services they provide. The amount worked is direcctly proportional to the outcome.
A basic example is imagine 2000 years ago and your main job is to cut down trees. If you worked 1 hour, you would get 1 hour worth of trees cut. If you are sick or can't chop any trees down, then you wouldn't be able to get any outcomes. If you work 100 hours a week, you would get 100 times more wood (or outcome).

Basiscally what we are describing here what scale is all about.

An Engineer working on Youtube can have its code generate and be used thousands of times.

So the what is trick? Focus on building skills that have input and outputs decoupled.

What is the best example of such skills?

  • Investor: A very sucessful investor can make 2 trades a year and beat hands-down a bad investory day trading 30 trades a day. I believe investing is one of those art where the amount of input (hours spent) is totally unrelated to the outcome.
  • Most creative jobs. A musician making music once and selling (or streaming) that song for thr next 10 years.
  • Sales jobs. A very good salesman is able to generate a lots of sales just by using his reputation or established marketing.

Note, this idea was inspired from a writing from Nawal Ravikan.

So what skills are you working ok everyday? Are any of thise skills scalable?